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A Message from Renee



Calling all Strong Black Women?


There are many distractions that will come to challenge you to take you off course. The purpose of this book "Strong Black Woman: Quotes To Strengthen Her Journey" is to empower you with daily quotes that can uplift and motivate you to keep pressing forward towards your destiny. The quotes that's contained in this book will give you the motivation and insight to stay focused on your journey to your Destiny with a positive outlook.


Get ready to become stronger than you've ever been.




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Strong Black Woman - Calendar

Get your calendar TODAY!

Price per unit (piece): $20.00 plus shipping


As a STRONG BLACK WOMAN there must always be a calendar handy because her schedule must be organized.




Strong Black Woman - T-shirt

Get your T-shirt TODAY!

Price per unit (piece): $20.00 plus shipping


A TEE that changes the atmosphere is the PERFECT TEE for ME‼




Strong Black Woman: Quotes to Strengthen Her Journey - Book

Preorder your book now!

Price per unit (piece): $10.95 plus shipping


Get your copy today to discover the STRONG BLACK WOMAN that lives within. You will become stronger as you apply the Strong Black Woman quotes to your life. Get ready to elevate and become stronger than you've ever been.




Kingdom Sound For A Kingdom Cause - CD


Price per unit (piece): $9.95 plus $5 shipping

Loving Myself Enterprises want to introduce a "Kingdom Sound For A Kingdom Cause"


Just relax and enjoy this amazing CD that was written and recorded by Renee Huewitt Hall.



This music will meet YOU right where YOU are and give YOU that reassurance that everything will be alright.



A SOVEREIGN GOD makes it possible for us to HEAR HIS VOICE and teaches us to LOVE OURSELVES as he show himself to be our REDEEMER.









Elevation: Moving To Your Next Level With Purpose - Book

Price per unit (piece): $13.99 +5.00 shipping

Let celebrate as we elevate...Impact is exactly where it's at‼


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